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Duplicate Key Aps For Your Smart Phone

When you first hear about this phone ap you think what an awesome idea. The ability to get a duplicate key made simply by taking a picture of your key with your smart phone.

Here are the facts: Yes, it does work! However it is limited to certain types of house keys. No car keys yet. You do have to sign up and pay for the ap. Your duplicate key can be made of a plastic resin from a 3D printer or created by a code machine at a locksmith shop. In some areas there is a kiosk where you can go to get your key.

There is a huge security risk. Now the power to making a duplicate key is in a smart phone. Anyone who has access to your key ring can take a photo and get a duplicate keys made. Valet driver, house keeper, neighbors kids, friends of your kids, co-workers and so on.

Reduce the risk. There are a number of steps you can take. Go to a locksmith and..

  1. get your house keys remade in a "Security Cut". The locksmith will measure the cuts on your key and re-cut your key in a "security cut mode", aka laser mode . This removes all the non-esential material on the key making it very difficult to make a duplicate key by smart phone. The key will resemble a wave.
  2. Have any numbers on the your key removed or stamped out.
  3. Have the locksmith cut your keys on a neutered bow blank.
  4. Install restricted or high security key locks

Have the locksmith tell you what your digital key ID is. Keep this handy in case you get locked out. This digital key Id will allow a locksmith to code-cut a new key (security cut). Just go pick it up.

"Ghost" Locksmiths Ripping Off West Chester Consumers

Your locked out of your home and use your smart phone to find a locksmith quick. You see a professional looking locksmith web pages promising $15.00 service call in 15 minutes. You call and they show up and hour later. They ask you now to pay $150 to $300 to get you in your home. You pay with a credit card. They let you in. Your now angry for being taken advantage of. You report them to the BBB and try to offer a review online only to discover they can't be reviewed. The BBB is useless to stop these guys because no body looks at BBB reviews before they call a locksmith. You see they do not grow their business by referral, you are a one time customer i.e. victim.
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